We are only…

…one hour and a half from Copenhagen/Kastrup airport.

…10 minutes on foot from the local train station (Tyringe).

…1 hour from Malmö and 45 mins from Lund and Helsingborg.

…30 mins from Kristianstad and 10 mins from Hässleholm.

We have a large, green garden, where deer families often come to graze towards dawn or dusk. Bunnies, squirrels and hedgehogs feel themselves at home on our lawn almost daily, and even moose or wild boar visit sometimes during the night!

The forest all around reveals a number of hiking trails and a boundless offer of berries (blueberry and raspberry season now), mushrooms and herbs.

Close by there’s a pond that is home to douzens of ducks all year round, and offers a beautiful scenery for fishing, grilling and picknicking.