About us

We are spontaneous and always happy to receive you!

Your hosts Ana and Jonas are welcoming you to Bommeryd, in the heart of nature, our charming residence full of history and older than any of us!

The solid building, tucked away in the forest, used to serve as a sanatorium, or, to follow a close translation from Swedish, a “home for the slow of mind”. That is to say – we tell each other jokingly – everyone belongs in here at some point in time! After all, we all need to slow down that racing mind, have a deep calming sleep and just be nurtured for a while! One feels the massive walls of the house – with the original windows and doors and the according imperfections of their age – drenched in a good, pacifying energy. And so we live by it ourselves, by this option to be happy with what one has, jolly, supportive, and share the things we find beautiful and worthy.

That is the philosophy behind the little Bed and Breakfast activity we are running, which offers a little more, but no less, than what the name says: a clean, comfortable bed and a hearty breakfast for the lowest accomodation budget possible in the area, and all that included in the price of 400/600 SEK!

Please keep in mind that, although we get out of our way to offer some of the better services of a hotel accomodation, over the usual B&B standards, this is not a hotel! To anyone expecting or demanding such standards, we cordially recommend taking the extra financial trouble and using the services of an actual hotel (you can find a few in the neighbourhood).

We do not skimp on quality – your bed linen is 100% cotton, and the mattresses, pillows, towels and feather duvets are hand-picked to pamper and spoil! The breakfast ingredients are nothing short of the best available in the region, and the choice is as varied as we would like it ourselves: bread, butter, jams, cereal, yoghurt, fruit yoghurt, fruit juice, caviar, eggs, cured meats, cheese, milk, tea and coffee.

The guests floor is self contained and newly renovated. All rooms have been recently refurbished, with new carpets, curtains, chairs and desks, and the shared bathroom is only a few months old (constructed in November 2018). There is a sitting area, as well as an eating room equipped with a fridge and all the necessary appliances to offer you hot tea, coffe and toast all through the day.

This is also our private home, so please exercise the consideration and respect you’d also offer your own. We believe in transparency and honest constructive dialogue! We like to take time for small conversations with you, constantly asking about your staying experience, which we are always happy to improve if necessary and possible!